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aloSIM makes it easy to find the best deals on new data plans. Search by country or region, shop for a data plan that works for you, and activate it on your device in seconds. Perfect for travel, work, or pay-as-you-go freedom.

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aloSIM makes it easy to shop for flexible mobile data. Choose the package you want, and activate it right away. Never any contracts or commitments!


Secure payment

Purchase your data package using a secure payment method (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, VISA, or Mastercard) and have confidence your information is never shared.


eSIM convenience

Most new devices are already eSIM compatible, which means you can access new data packages 24/7. No waiting in lines or visits to stores.


No SIM swapping

Instead of swapping physical SIM cards, eSIMs allow you to instantly connect to a new carrier and take advantage of reliable local data.

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  • Exciting times! Our beta-testers are already using aloSIM to make sure everything is working for our upcoming launch.

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  • They're already telling us how much they're enjoying our flexible mobile data plans, and we can't wait to share their experiences with you.

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  • Before long, aloSIM will be known worldwide as an easy-to-use app that keeps people connected on their travels. We'll appreciate every bit of feedback from our users!

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