Your private label VOIP apps and retail cash calling cards have never been easier

  • 4M
  • 3000+
  • 20M
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Over 4 million downloads + 5,000 new sign-ups per day

Top-rated: over 3000 5-star ratings

Top-grossing app in over 10 countries: $13.75USD Global ARPU

Backed by Af finityClick technology and HushedConnect network

Since 2013 Hushed has offered users low-cost, private, disposable calling and messaging for iOS and Android devices. Built on the premise of making it easy and affordable for users to obtain and manage multiple mobile numbers without the need for long-term contracts or costly service plans Hushed combines an easy to use app with sophisticated, private, personal communication.

Built on a core of VOIP calling services Hushed provides a full suite of mobile calling and messaging tools. Voice calling, multiple number management, SMS text messaging, MMS multimedia messaging (where available), and disposable PIN messaging give users the option to talk, message, and share how they want while maintaining their privacy with a disposable number.

As Hushed has grown AffinityClick has built an equally impressive enterprise grade VOIP service network to support users around the world. Now AffinityClick can offer your apps high-reliability, redundant connectivity, partnerships with dozens of carriers and network providers, and multiple routing options to ensure call and message traffic gets through anywhere, anytime.

AffinityClick is pleased to offer partners and developers access to the same tools, network, and expertise that launched Hushed to help you build your communication tools and white-label apps with next-generation networks and technologies.