AffinityClick keeps people talking

Your network thrives on people connecting so AffinityClick is focused on making those connections as easy and profitable as possible with services that keep people talking.
Call Termination via Hushed or Private Label

AffinityClick built one of the most successful VOIP calling apps: Hushed. Now you can use this technology on your network to save on network interconnect fees.

Move your calls to a private-label VOIP app and HushedConnect or on your own private labelled version and break free from termination barriers, roaming rates, and tariffs. AffinityClick. routes your call traffic directly over our VOIP network instead of costly GSM interconnect through external carriers with fallback to GSM to ensure call completion.

Reduce call termination costs while providing more control and reliability through multiple routing options - all without sacrificing critical call quality. And a global presence in over 40 counties lets you scale your coverage seamlessly without dozens of carrier contracts.

  • Save on Interconnects – avoid GSM termination carrier fees
  • Terminate in App – calls are terminated in a private-label VOIP app to bypass GSM networks
  • Global Coverage – HushedConnect/Private Label terminates in over 40 countries
  • GSM fallback – alternate routes ensure redundant call termination
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Least-Cost Routing (LCR)

For calls that leave the network, AffinityClick can help you manage your
traffic costs with Least-Cost Routing (LCR). Take advantage of dynamic call
routing and competitive, real-time pricing that reduces costs by leveraging
multiple provider networks.

Leverage AffinityClick’s relationships and access to global providers and networks to reduce your routing costs with multiple routing options. Interconnect with carriers in over 40 countries and take advantage of real-time competitive rates based on network demand. Chose preferred routes based on price, quality, and route optimization while gaining failover rerouting to ensure call completion.

AffinityClick Least-Cost Routing factors real-time load and capacity to help you reduce your network calling costs. Least-Cost Routing is available through AffinityClick’s API for on-demand routing optimization with demand-based pricing so you can add LCR to calling applications easily.

  • Global Coverage – access carriers in over 40 countries
  • Better Rates – leverage AffinityClick’ network call volume for preferred rates
  • Competitive, Dynamic Bidding – carrier compete on call rates live so you save
  • API access – AffinityClick LCR is available through our API for easy routing selection at time of call
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