About us

AffinityClick is driven by one thing:
helping our users connect customers and grow business through the latest IP telephony technology. Since 2009 AffinityClick has focused on offering the software expertise, systems infrastructure, and technology and business leadership that make it a leader in the VOIP calling and messaging apps.
Now you can access AffinityClick tools and networks to accelerate your communication products to the next-level.
Exec Bio’s

Justin Shimoon

Co-founder & CEO

“AffinityClick is about making it easier to connect: for users to connect to each other and for businesses to connect to their users."

Prior to founding AffinityClick, Justin was the founder and CEO of Sitebrand Inc from 2000 to 2008, a company he took public on the Toronto Stock Exchange in June 2008. A 2008 recipient of the Forty Under 40 Award - presented annually in recognition of exceptional business leaders - Justin has a long track record of ambition, drive and success in his career.

Previously, he earned the prestigious Wes Nicol Entrepreneurship Award from Carleton University (Ottawa, Ontario), from which Justin holds a degree in electrical engineering with a major in telecommunications and a minor in systems engineering.

Timo Mika Glasser

Co-founder & CTO

“Technology should make things easier at every level. From the screen to the servers, AffinityClick makes every telephony step simpler."

Before co-founding AffinityClick, Timo was the co-founder and CTO of Samedi.de, Germany's first doctor/patient e-healthcare network that provides electronic calendar sharing and collaboration for doctors and patients. He has worked on various projects over the last decade through his consultancy firm, Datanomisch.

More recently, he has worked with companies such as T-Online, Street One, Scout24 among others. Timo holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Humboldt-Universtat zu Berlin, and has received a doctoral scholarship from the German Research Foundation.


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